Agency booking system for a major printing firm

Our client is a leader in the printing business and an emerging player in many other forms of media, including radio, TV, magazines, out-of-home advertising and more. Their publishing houses have more than a thousand agencies.

The client faced geographical challenges; the physical distances between their agency offices and publication offices often made the booking of ads using conventional methods very difficult. This could cause agencies to lose interest in booking ads, costing the company customers.

RWS developed an agency booking system (ABS) to help handle agency bookings. This system made it easier for agents to book, cancel and reschedule ads, overcoming many of the issues presented by the client’s previous system. We also made it easier for customers to book ads for multiple editions, created a selection of templates to help them build their ads and made it easier for them to compose multilingual ads.

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Agency booking system for a major printing firm - RWS