SDL Tridion DX Launch Redefines Digital Experiences on a Global Scale

Advancing Content Creation for Consistent Customer Experiences

SAN JOSE, Calif.
10/25/2017 4:00:00 PM

SDL, a leader in global content creation, management, translation and delivery, has introduced its next generation content management technology with the launch of SDL Tridion DX, the definitive solution for building compelling digital experiences (DX) that shape the customer journey. 

Built to uniquely create continuous experiences across the pre-sale, sale and post-sale phases of the customer journey, SDL Tridion DX manages the content life cycle of both marketing content and in-depth structured product information, while also unlocking content stored in third-party eCommerce, DAM and PIM systems. This eliminates the disconnects that characterize most disparate digital experiences today when visitors engage with marketing content on one website, try to buy products online via another website, and search for support and product information via a completely separate experience. 

Aligning the portfolio to support this vision, SDL rebrands SDL Web to SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Knowledge Center to SDL Tridion Docs, combining the best of Web Content Management (WCM) and DITA based Structured Content Management (CCMS) to form a unique integrated solution with SDL Tridion DX. 

Based on 15 years of natural language processing and machine learning expertise, SDL Tridion DX is an enterprise solution that does more than simply manage content on a global scale; it enables the customized creation of engaging and personalized content in a model that sits alongside human insight and scales with business requirements. 

“The number one challenge for driving online engagement and conversion is the successful personalization of content,” said Adolfo Hernandez, CEO, SDL. “We are advancing cognitive technology, helping businesses create, adapt, optimize and deliver blended marketing – and product-led – content in a contextual way that has never been possible on this scale before. This approach forges emotional connections with customers, while delivering a consistent brand experience and yield higher conversion rates and revenue.” 

Powered by SDL’s powerful machine learning, content management and translation technology, SDL Tridion DX includes: 

  • SDL Tridion Sites (formerly called SDL Web): a powerful web experience management solution that enables companies to effectively manage a complex environment of marketing and product-led content across global web, digital and mobile properties to deliver continuous digital experiences – while speeding up time to market and lowering total cost of ownership. From a single solution, companies can easily publish digital content globally for any device, and adapt for multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-brand channels. 
  • SDL Tridion Docs (formerly called SDL Knowledge Center): a DITA-based structured content management solution that solves the complexity of creating, managing and distributing in-depth product content and technical documentation at scale. It improves the time to market, quality and consistency of information while lowering development costs through content reuse, automated publishing and translation. 

Coinciding with the launch of SDL Tridion DX, SDL is announcing general availability of a new release of SDL Tridion Docs which has been enhanced to fully share its online delivery capabilities with SDL Tridion Sites. 

The new release enables companies to free up product information beyond today’s closed PDF format and easily integrate technical content into multi-channel digital experiences. 

By focusing on an API-first approach, SDL Tridion DX enables companies to expose content to any site, application or touchpoint for full cross-platform publishing and a custom user experience. Outperforming competitive products when it comes to integration with backend systems, SDL Tridion DX’s new Data Integration Framework provides access to back office solutions – from analytics and marketing automation to product lifecycle management systems – making it SDL’s most powerful content management product release to date. 

“SDL Tridion DX allows businesses to bridge the typical disconnects in an online customer journey, especially when those disconnects result from content being served up via different systems, resulting in lack of context across customer touchpoints. This contributes significantly to both improved sales conversion rates and unified user experiences across digital properties,” said Tony White, Founder, Ars Logica. “The more mutual understanding you have with customers, the richer and more meaningful interactions with them become – for you and them.” 

SDL Tridion DX, supported by SDL translation technology, services and advanced commerce integration, offers businesses the ability to deeply personalize digital experiences based on a consumer’s native language, context and device of choice.

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