Jaguar Land Rover work closely with RWS to deliver brand content globally

Working closely together, Jaguar Land Rover and RWS streamlined workflows and processes to reduce timelines and localization costs.
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Jaguar Land Rover
Industry:: Automotive

Jaguar Land Rover is a prestigious British car manufacturer, designing and building luxury motor cars. 

As Jaguar Land Rover’s main localization provider, RWS works in tandem with Jaguar Land Rover’s creative agency in charge of the end-to-end production of website and brochure content. 

However, the complex, multi-stage, multi-stakeholder review process, that had built up over time, created challenges.


Capturing the full localization process in-house at RWS resulted in more agile and streamlined workflows and a team-based learning process for constantly improving quality.


  • Very long timelines for localization review and approvals 
  • Some conflicting feedback in approval stages 
  • Missed chances for cost saving and streamlining processes 
  • Not capturing all feedback within translation memories


  • Expand localization to include creative editing with in-house copywriter teams, who received on-boarding, brand immersion sessions and product training from Jaguar Land Rover’s stakeholder teams


  • Reduced timelines 
  • Faster approval process 
  • Reduced localization costs 
  • Easy budget control