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Agile translation solutions that take you further faster

Businesses are always looking for new ways to maximize operational efficiency. Translation processes are no exception. Today’s advances in translation technology play a significant role in reaching global markets faster.

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The way product development works today – with iterative sprints, automated build processes and continual improvement – requires translation to be agile and technology-enabled.

Benefits of a technology-enabled translation process


Build trust and loyalty

The more you can speak to customers in their own language, the more comfortable they'll feel buying from you and recommending you to others.

Empower your employees and partners

Employees and partners want information in their own language just as customers do. And for those who interact with customers, it's even more important that they have brand-compliant content to pass on.
Get to market

Go to market faster

When translation is as agile as product development – and embedded in your go-to-market process – it builds confidence that the business can take full advantage of global growth opportunities.

Give time back to those with responsibility for localization

Free your people to focus on the parts of their job where human intelligence and creativity really matter, creating a virtuous circle of improvement that continually drives your business forward.

Show the value of localization

With the right tech in place, you can measure and report on a range of key performance indicators, and show the business how to use localization more intelligently for business value.

Spend more on what's important

Automation, visibility, efficiency – all mean you can spend less on overhead and administrative tasks, and more on adding value through localization.
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