Limitless Possibilities

Re-thinking translation for business growth in a digital-first world

Your preflight checklist

Language services come in many shapes and sizes. You know that a digital-first world demands an augmented tech-enabled service, but there's a continuum of approaches within that space. How do you choose the one that's right for you? 

A number of different considerations will influence your choice, and these are reflected in the questions below. Think about the answers, then look at the options that follow and you'll be guided to your best starting point.

  • Is your existing process working well right now? If not, could you do with some help to improve it?
  • Are you focusing on immediate needs or on supporting an ongoing content strategy? 
  • How many – and which – languages do you want to translate into? 
  • Do you have a reasonable idea how much content you want to translate, and is that likely to grow – either quickly or slowly? 
  • How, where and why will your translated content be consumed? Is it internal or external, high-value or low? 
  • What content formats do you need to translate, and do you need the work returned in specific finished form? 
  • Will you need translation review for quality control? If yes, will you need outside help or do you have it covered in house?
  • Would ongoing project management support be overkill for your needs? Or would it add value and make life easier for you?
  • Besides price and turnaround times, what measures of success will your business use to judge your investment in localization?

Ready for launch

The overviews below introduce three ways to access our tech-enabled language services. Based on your answers to the questions above, choose the one that best fits your needs and start unlocking the value of your content.
  • On-demand self-service

  • Ongoing full-service

  • Strategic consultation

Keeping it simple: subscribe, submit and you're done

Best suited for:  Not designed to support:
  • Documents
  • Multimedia formats
  • Straightforward needs
  • Discussion and advice
  • Fast turnaround
  • Ongoing project management
  • Expert review required only selectively
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Adding value through an ongoing relationship

Best suited for:  Not designed to support
  • Complex formats (multimedia, e-learning, software)
  • Immediate turnaround
  • Large or complex projects
  • Strategic advice
  • Help with planning, review, project support and more
  • Development of a transformation roadmap
  • A choice of translation methods from standard to transcreation
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Addressing strategic or very specialized needs:

  • Content supply chain transformation planning 
  • Advice on optimizing localization spend 
  • RFP guidance 
  • Addressing scalability or efficiency issues 
  • Exploring innovation
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