RWS Invalidity Solutions: Search options aligned to the risks inherent to your case

Test the strength and scope of a patent claim or claims set with the RWS Invalidity Search. Our IP research experts will examine patents, non-patent literature and physical evidence, providing the right depth of search for the stakes involved.
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Which Invalidity Search fits your situation?

Tailored invalidity search options to enable effective evaluation and management of risk.

Litigation Defense

We provide prior art search services for every stage of the litigation defense process. From initial low-cost invalidity position research to deeper searches as the stakes increase, we have a solution to meet your aims and budget. 

Our innovative Crowdsearch offerings have helped litigation teams worldwide find the prior art they need.

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Pre-Grant or Post Grant Action

This customised validity search service is designed to provide the evidence needed to build arguments in support of patent office actions, such as third-party observations, inter partes reviews and oppositions. 

Select from Crowd or Analyst-led options, or a combination of both, according to the risk profile associated with the action.

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Stress Testing

Stress Testing lets you assess the strength of competitor patents to support product clearance decisions or due diligence work. It also enables you to assess the strength of your own patents for licensing, valuation or assertion purposes.
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Invalidity research to fit your risk profile

Contact us today to discuss our range of invalidity research solutions that can support everything from initial assessment to the highest-stakes cases.

Cover your bases with Analyst Search

Our ISO-9001-accredited process provides an industry leading methodology to deliver a systematic analyst-led approach, ensuring best use of available resources. Our Analyst team, consisting of patent specialists and subject-matter experts, are supported by market-leading technology for fast access to the highest-quality data. Our team co-created PatBase, the leading global patent search platform which, combined with six decades of IP research experience, makes us one of the most trusted providers worldwide.

Hybrid solutions for higher-stakes cases

Where the risks or complexity of the case increase, you may want to consider our hybrid search solution. The expertise of our in-house Analysts and the top researchers from our community combine to offer additional creative search strategies. With access to a vast array of non-patent literature in multiple languages, our search experts can uncover even the most obscure results.

CrowdSearch for the most critical cases

Our CrowdSearch option is ideal for matters where the outcome has significant monetary or competitive consequences. CrowdSearch searches publications across the world, with our crowd of 40,000 researchers competing to locate the best results. Our highly qualified study managers oversee the Crowd’s activity, with a proven interactive process that delivers the most thorough results possible. Our Crowd is compensated on a ‘reward’ model, creating a competitive environment in which researchers love to participate, driving engagement and optimising search outcome.

Our study management team guides your invalidity research projects

  • Every crowd invalidity study we perform is managed by our team of experienced and skilled research managers who, in addition to years of hands-on research experience, have advanced educational degrees including Ph.D.s, law degrees and experience as US patent examiners. Our study managers understand the technical aspects and legal needs required to construct and execute your invalidity research project. 
  • Study managers orchestrate the crowd and Analyst resources on every project for the best possible outcome. 
  • Our study managers work with you to create the right level of search based on your case risk profile and confidence level desired. 
  • Even where no prior art is identified, the depth of our searches provides complete confidence in the findings. Contact us today for free consultation.
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With this eBook, you can find out more about how crowdsourced searches work and can improve the results of your patent searches for litigation, oppositions, due diligence, inter partes review and even your monetization efforts (licensing, evidence of use, standards mapping).
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