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Three core linguistic assets work together to make sure your message is clear and consistent, wherever you do business.

  • Translation Memory (TM)—Translation memories reuse approved translations to save translators time and your business costs—particularly on texts which are highly repetitive or contain specialized vocabularies, such as technical or scientific documents and patents. We will manage your TMs from start to finish, including creating new TMs, cleaning and validating contents and maintaining the master database.
  • Glossary/terminology database—Efficient management of product or industry terminology ensures the quality and consistency of your customers’ experiences in every market and minimizes costly rework. Harnessing the power of terminology management systems, we can create and translate your terminology list, keep it clean and up-to-date and design processes to make sure that terms are used consistently.
  • Style guide—This covers your brand’s unique stylistic preferences to make sure your translators understand your identity and can replicate it for each market. We adapt your original style guide for each locale, working with your creative teams to understand your conventions and guidelines for global markets.

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Through our management of translation terminology, corporate style and translation memories, we ensure consistent, on-brand products and messaging that build brand trust and loyal customers for the world’s most recognized enterprises.

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