Top Student Awards

Rewarding excellence and dedication

The Trados Top Student Award program was launched in 2016 as a result of an idea given to us by Rudy Loock, lecturer at Lille University, in order to award top-achieving students.

Each academic year RWS Campus universities can pick two top students on a degree or masters localization or language-related course and reward them with a copy of the latest version of ‘Trados Studio Freelance’ free of charge that they can use in their future career.

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Serena Balasi

Cardiff University

"As an international student pursuing an MA in Translation Studies at Cardiff University, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to delve into the world of CAT tools and learn about their importance to the translation industry. Among them, Trados Studio stood out as the most reliable and user-friendly software that I am sure will become an indispensable asset in all my translation endeavours, and I now feel inspired to explore and harness its full potential and obtain the skills and confidence to embark on a future career in the field of translation. "

Dasha Maslova

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

"Trados Studio is definitely a trendsetter in the field of translation. It facilitates the translation and localization process, making it significantly quicker and more effective. The program's user-friendly interface appeals to me. Consistency is achieved by the use of translation memories, and having access to free or personal glossaries significantly raises the quality of the translation. With a Trados Studio licence, I have the chance to establish myself as a competitive and in-demand professional in the translation industry. Trados Studio is a real game changer."

Patricia Horeanu

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Hi! My name is Patricia, and I am a polyglot. As a future translator, after our professor, Eleni Tziafa, introduced Trados Studio to us, in her academic lesson, I figured that choosing to acquire skills on using Trados Studio, was an essential move. It’s a leading CAT tool in the translation industry! As a newbie, you want a head start… and what better way to do it than to learn such a powerful tool. It has taught me efficiency and productivity and I loved the integration of term-bases, but also the fact that it lifted the weight of me having to manually keep track of my previously used terms in a project. "

Ahmet Ergün

Boğaziçi University

"I used Trados Studio for my class “TR48Y: Terminology and Lexicology”. The software impressed me with its detailed and well-structured project management steps, as well as with its editing interface which is both useful and pleasant to the eye. What fascinates me most about Trados Studio, however, is the organization of its termbase panel. It gives me a free space where I can add fields to fit my needs under the headings called entry level, language level, and term level. As a translator with a passion for terminology management, I cannot stress enough how crucial this organizational flexibility is. I am grateful to my professor Dr. Jan Buts for nominating me for this award, to Prof. Mehmet Şahin for overseeing the process."

Jaclina Colesnic

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Getting to know Trados Studio I was amazed by the complexity of the app and at first I couldn’t grasp the potential of it. The interface appeared intricate, with an array of features and functions that seemed overwhelming. Gradually, I have spotted how much easier the process of translation goes, the immense time-saving benefits it offered. It not only improved my translation skills but also instilled in me a sense of efficiency, precision and adaptability. I was impressed by Trados Studio's intelligent term recognition made it easy to identify and incorporate the appropriate terms during the translation process. Trados Studio is undoubtedly one valuable and indispensable application that changed my vision on translation. It inspires me to become better and deliver higher-quality translations. "

Annamaria Palanza

Agenzia Formativa TuttoEuropa

"I had the chance to try different CAT tools, but Trados Studio is undoubtedly my favourite. I am very grateful for having been awarded as Trados top student and I cannot wait to make the most of the free licence! During my post-graduate translation course at Agenzia Formativa TuttoEuropa in Turin, I had the opportunity to learn how to use this feature-rich, user-friendly software. I am confident that Trados Studio will be my faithful companion throughout my future professional career."

Anastasiia Melnyk

Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

"Trados Studio is an amazing CAT tool. It offers so many helpful functions. I like it as the interface is user-friendly and all you need is at hand. As for me, Trados is an indispensable tool for high-quality translation. "

Dolores Perković

University of Zadar

"During my MA translation studies at the Department of German Studies of the University of Zadar, I learned that digital technology is part of a translator's job. I had my first contact with Trados Studio during classes and I liked both the concept of the work and the connection between the translator and the client. I am honoured to have been selected for the Trados Top Student Award and I am happy to have received the license. This is a great opportunity for personal and professional development."

Marina Kougia

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

"Trados is a very useful tool. Its positive aspects are that it supports many file types and a variety of languages, which makes it easy to use and helps many translators from all corners of the globe to translate from any source language to the target language. As a student of French literature, I used Trados and what I have to say is that it helped me to translate work from French to Greek at a fast pace and with efficiency."

Maria Sol Di Fabio

Kent State University

"During my MA in Translation, I delved into the ins and outs of SDL Trados Studio and was pleasantly surprised by how it can simplify and enhance a translator's work. I am very grateful for receiving this award and look forward to putting it to use as I embark on my professional journey as a Spanish <> English translator."

Aitana Cuenca Espinos

Kent State University

"Learning how to use Trados was one of my main goals before starting my MA in Translation at Kent State University and receiving this award after two years of thorough learning of this amazing CAT tool could not be more rewarding. I’m sure this award will help me further develop my translation skills as well as increase my productivity levels daily."
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