Top Student Awards

Rewarding excellence and dedication

The Trados Top Student Award program was launched in 2016 as a result of an idea given to us by Rudy Loock, lecturer at Lille University, in order to award top-achieving students.

Each academic year RWS Campus universities can pick two top students on a degree or masters localization or language-related course and reward them with a copy of the latest version of ‘Trados Studio Freelance’ free of charge that they can use in their future career.

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Michele Lifranchi

Universitat Rovira I Virgili

"I had heard about Trados software before starting my masters in professional translation at University Rovira i Virgili and I couldn’t wait to have the chance to use it. Interface is very user-friendly and work-flow goes on smoothly through it. I was also impressed by the quality of the project management part and the chance to get notifications through the native app. So far it is my favored CAT tool and I am aware I need to continue studying to use it in depth. I am honored and very grateful for this award and I want to thank my professors Dr. Anthony Pym and Nune Ayvazyan for nominating me."

Chloe Racioppo

Gustave Eiffel University

"During my Master's degree in Specialized Translation at the Gustave Eiffel University, I was lucky enough to learn how to use Trados Studio and to work with this excellent tool on a regular basis! As Trados Studio is widely used by the vast majority of translation agencies, I continued to work with this tool on a daily basis when I started out as a freelance translator, and I have to say that it has proved extremely useful! For example, I recently had a project of around 12,000 words to translate, with 80% repetitions! So I was very happy to be able to rely on this CAT software to save time and do my job more efficiently!"

Yuka Yamada

SOAS University of London

"I learned how Trados Studio is useful in a practical setting, particularly term base and translation memory are key in enhancing productivity. Additionally, experiencing the entire workflow, not only a translation phase but also from project preparation to review, benefits my future career as a project manager. I am also grateful for receiving this award, as it opens up opportunities to pursue freelancing as well."

Mutsuki Furusawa

University College London

"Learning about Trados Studio was one of the best experiences in my postgraduate study at University College London. The programme allowed me to deepen my knowledge about Trados Studio. Now, I understand why Trados Studio has been the industry's most popular translation technology, and I feel I am well-equipped to work as a professional translator. Thank you very much for awarding me a Trados top student."

Daniel Escudero Ámez

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

"Although I have been involved in translation for years, I did not start using CAT tools until I had the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with Trados during my studies at UNIR. I am very grateful for this, as I now save time and money while being consistent in terminology and achieving a much more professional result."

Yue Liu

University College London

"It's my great honour to be awarded as a Trados top student. I learned to use Trados Studio during my Master’s degree in Translation Technology 2 module at University College London. I was impressed by this powerful tool, and delighted in how accurate and efficient translations have become because of it."

Fernando Salgado Polo

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

"I first heard of CAT tools in the first year of my bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. Since then, Trados Studio has become my go-to resource for any translation task, be it managing terminology, assuring the quality of my target texts, or setting up translation memories. Being a part of the RWS Campus at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja also allowed me to keep up to date with market developments, e.g. by tracking my productivity while postediting."

Ingrid Deloor Girault

University of Lille

"I discovered Trados Studio, Convert, Multiterm... and how to use them, thanks to my Master's degree in Multilingual Specialized Translation at the University of Lille. The training I received there even enabled me to obtain the Trados Studio Getting Started and Intermediate certifications. Trados Studio is a CAT Tool that offers many solutions: individual work, project mode, offline, online, translation, review, quality assurance, translation memory, glossary... all the stages of a translation project and all the ways of proceeding are included in a single tool. What's more, it supports a wide range of document formats. A tool that really makes translating easier!"

Adrián Gerard Salcedo Silva

Universitat Rovira I Virgili

"My MA in translation enabled me to try out different CAT tools, but I decided on Trados Studio early on. There were many features that stood out for me, but the effective terminology management and the source text editing functionality were especially useful for my technical translations. The excellent application of translation memories and termbases ensured consistency in my translations and saved me a lot of time. From its versatile plug-in functionality to its faithful QA checker, Trados Studio stands as a comprehensive, all-in-one, perfect tool for translating."

Xiangyi Meng

Newcastle University

"Taking the course that taught me how to use Trados was one of the best choices I made in my master's programme. The features of Trados make my translation work much more efficient and manageable, and the more I get familiar with it, the more I rely on it. Now that Trados has become the most preferred CAT tool for many translation projects in the market, I believe this awarded license will be extremely helpful for my future career as a translator."
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