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Our patent search services

  • Novelty/patentability—A search to identify prior art that is material to the patentability/novelty of an invention.
  • Validity—Test the validity (strength and scope of a patent claim or claims set) with any one of our diverse search offerings, ranging from patents to non-patent literature and physical evidence.
  • Freedom-to-operate—A search to identify cases relevant to the manufacture, sale or use of a specific product or process.
  • Landscape—A wide range of research options: providing an overview of patenting and market activity, highlighting filing trends and other key metrics, developing market and innovation intelligence, helping pinpoint opportunities for precise innovations relevant to business strategy and more.
  • Patent watch—Alerts to keep up-to-date in your chosen field by tracking technology developments (by classification and/or keywords) or competitor activity (by applicants and/or inventors) according to a pre-defined alert profile.
  • Evidence of use (EoU)—Gives you the intelligence and insight to successfully fuel your monetization and licensing strategies.

Our technology

Our traditional and cutting-edge crowdsourced solutions leverage the combined power of our in-house patent analysts, community of search experts and proprietary platforms PatBase and AOP Connect.

We are RWS, the world leader in intellectual property search services and the first search company to receive ISO 9001 quality certification in 1992.

Our rigorous search and quality protocols ensure consistency across all our platforms and offerings. We deliver detailed search estimates quickly and search reports in near-real-time. Contact us for sample search reports and details of other RWS search and information services.

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