SDL Tridion DX Provides a Single Solution for Brands to Create, Manage, Translate and Deliver Content to Customers, Partners and Employees

Combines the Best of SDL’s Web Content Management, Structured Authoring and Enterprise Search in One Intelligent Content Platform

Maidenhead, U.K.
10/9/2019 8:00:00 AM

SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today announces the latest release of its SDL Tridion DX platform. The digital experience solution addresses the problem of enterprise information being scattered across organizational and technology silos, resulting in poorly managed content, subpar customer experiences (CX), compliance risks and liabilities.

By combining the strengths of SDL Tridion Sites (web content management), SDL Tridion Docs (structured content management) and SDL Dynamic Experience Delivery into one intelligent platform, SDL Tridion DX is capable of managing and delivering marketing, commerce, product and service information to customers, partners and employees – across any language or connected device.

Today delivering digital content to both internal and external global audiences is usually a highly fragmented process. It involves a variety of tools – from file based repositories to desktop publishing, and web content management to manual translation processes to name a few. The cost and complexity of integrating and using these disparate systems is high, while disjointed processes introduce errors, inconsistencies and fragmented digital experiences.

SDL Tridion DX solves these problems by providing brands with a smarter way to manage all their digital content from one place, acting as an enterprise-wide hub that drives Digital Experiences (DX), Partner Experiences (PX) and Employee Experiences (EX). With SDL Tridion Sites brands can integrate with any platform, such as CRM, eCommerce and DAM, to build engaging digital experiences, while SDL Tridion Docs gives brands access to new Draft and Review Spaces for easy collaboration and co-authoring of in-depth product information. Enterprise search across all content is enabled by SDL Dynamic Experience Delivery. By defining a new way to create, translate, manage and deliver content, SDL Tridion DX more specifically, improves:

  • DX, by enabling personal experiences across the entire customer journey on a global scale, from pre-sale through to post-sale, increasing conversions and driving up customer loyalty.
  • PX, through content syndication across extranets or portals, to ensure the latest content and information can be accessed on all relevant channels by partners, who can operate more effectively.
  • EX, by providing employees with a single source of truth for well-governed information and content, so they have access to the latest policies, procedures, guidelines, product information and other business critical information through intranets and knowledge hubs.

“One of the age old problems facing companies is managing the variety of different systems used to publish content to particular audiences,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer, SDL. “SDL Tridion DX bridges internal organizational silos to deliver an experience that joins up content from various teams, departments and content repositories, ensuring unambiguous information access for employees, and a consistent experience in terms of brand and content externally for both customers and partners.”

Offering more than ever before, SDL Tridion DX combines the following capabilities into a single system:

  • Easy web-based authoring, allowing content owners, subject matter experts and occasional contributors to author, review and finalize content faster to speed up time to market.
  • Easy collaboration between stakeholders involved in authoring highly structured product, support and service information to guarantee quality and consistency.
  • Integration with leading commerce, digital asset management, CRM, ERP and storage platforms, to ensure existing investments in those technologies continue to pay off while still providing one platform to orchestrate content delivery globally.
  • Content orchestration across brands, product lines, markets and channels, utilizing advanced taxonomy based classifications, content-dependency management and integrated translation capabilities.
  • Secure Content Services based delivery to current and future channels and devices, from websites through to mobile, smart and internet of things (IoT) devices. This opens up the application of AI-driven technology to process granular information for conversational user interfaces and other emerging touch points.

“As a partner of SDL, we help companies become customer experience (CX) leaders, and we’re excited about SDL’s strategic focus on managing and delivering contextually relevant content with SDL Tridion DX for all stakeholders, both internally and externally, in the end-to-end customer lifecycle,” said Brad Heidemann, CEO of SDL partner Tahzoo, a customer experience marketing firm for Global 1000 brands.

Providing faster access to the right information with advanced search capabilities for employees, partners and customers, SDL Tridion DX allows businesses to be more agile, while ensuring that updates to information are consistently propagated throughout an organization, and new business units can be easily on-boarded on one centralized platform.

To ensure quick time-to-value to an enterprise, SDL Tridion DX comes with a range of best practice implementations for content ingestion and delivery through SDL’s Digital Experience Accelerators (SDL DXA), which speed up project execution to shorten timescales. The platform also offers flexible deployment options. Companies can deploy on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid, and let SDL manage aspects that are considered none core to the business, including updates and ongoing maintenance. The platform can also be hosted on any of the major third-party cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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